The preferred hotel for a post-Covid stay

Apr 5, 2022

The preferred hotel for a post-Covid stay

Guest mentality has changed. Digital has become the comfortable medium. 86% of people would choose a hotel because it offered a mobile app guaranteeing a ‘contact-less’ guest journey. [Metova 2020] Is that you? Or will they go elsewhere…?

Familiarity with using our smartphones combined with concerns about Covid is fuelling an interest in hotels that can provide a ‘contact-less’ guest experience. It’s good for the customers, but attractive for the hotel too. Time and resources can be saved, data gathered and customers targeted directly with offers and promotions from the moment they book their room.

Castra Solutions has the ideal product, specifically tailored to the hospitality sector. Using Nomadix software, we can help you install and deliver a seamless, contact-less guest experience that can boost your bottom line – and those booking figures.

Offer your customers the Guest App. It can be used from the moment the booking is made and takes your guest through their whole experience, via their smartphone. From check-in to booking spa treatments or making dining reservations, from accessing concierge services and ordering room service – they will even be able to control the lights and TV channels in their room. Guests will love the autonomy it gives them – and be grateful for reducing their Covid risk.

Take it one step further with Angie. This voice activated in-room assistant can be accessed via smart devices in bedrooms (a good opportunity to update your in-room tech). She’s on call 24/7, multilingual and able to serve all a guest’s needs. Angie can take room service orders or contact housekeeping with requests. Guests can control their in-room appliances simply by using their voice – and you can switch off lights and turn down the heating when your guest checks out without even visiting the room.

This is next level Covid security; a step above rigorous cleaning or hand sanitiser stations. It’s also an opportunity to keep your hotel competitive in these digital times. When you’re ready to make it happen, Castra Solutions is ready to help you. Visit to find out more.

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