From campsites to luxury hotels, paying guests expect strong WiFi connectivity and IT infrastructure that doesn’t let them down – their reviews count on it.


If you’re experiencing any of the following challenges in a hospitality setting, we can help.

Reap the rewards of good connectivity


We can offer a number of product options to deliver WiFi solutions that meet the demands of the hospitality environment. This ensures seamless, strong connectivity to guests whether they are staying in caravans or hotel rooms.

We advise starting with a survey.

Let us run a free desktop survey and provide an indication on the project costs before you commit to a full, on-site survey. We have some of the best and most experienced wireless surveyors in the industry – their insight is invaluable in designing and delivering a WiFi solution that suits your venue and meets your challenges.

This partner can deliver high-density capability and high throughput at a great price point. The WiFi is Cloud-managed, with flexible licensing and support that is ideal for the hospitality sector, regardless of the venue or size.

This is a great solution for handling a high density of users and require a controller-based management system. It’s a simple, agile system that is easy to manage, yet can provide flexible and scalable networking. Importantly, their solutions can offer an excellent outdoor range. This is ideal for hospitality, where users expect good coverage in the external spaces such as gardens, around the pool or in open fields. Some of their existing customers include brands such as Accor Hotels, Hyatt and Mandarin Oriental Group.

for Hotels

  • Reliable connectivity indoors and outdoors
  • Multiple access point for easy access in both shared areas and private rooms
  • Monitor entire system from one location – for ease of troubleshooting
  • Easy access to actionable analytics – identify dwell times and network traffic
  • Easy to understand user behaviour or track the success of in-house marketing campaigns
  • Optional limits on bandwidth or usage time to reduce noise levels and manage your network
  • Optional voucher scheme to monetize the WiFi service

for Cafes & Restaurants

  • Strong connectivity for multiple users
  • Monitor entire system from one location – for ease of troubleshooting
  • Optional voucher scheme to monetize the WiFi service
  • Good coverage indoors and outdoors
  • Easy access to network traffic, user behaviour and analytics
  • Run online marketing campaign and track success to drive footfall
  • Facilitates different point-of-sale approach for post-Covid times
  • Multiple access points to maintain strong connections in older, awkward buildings
  • Easy to onboard new devices to the network

for Holiday Parks

  • Wire-free WiFi solutions
  • Point to multipoint radio for backhaul
  • WiFi within the accommodation to avoid laying cables

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