Our architecture service designs hundreds of solutions for all manner and sizes of businesses, ranging broadly in terms of complexity, scale and importance. Solutions are always requirements-led and can tackle a plethora of issues in technology, team structures and responsibilities, or processes and tools across your business.

Build and Run

We create and manage IT solutions specific to your needs, with specialist skill in Wi-Fi solutions and location services (these are essential for those with IoT requirements). We are highly experienced in managing LAN, WAN and Wi-Fi solutions, including gathering data analytics for valuable insights to direct the business’ strategies. We can also provide all the necessary equipment.


Our wireless security solution with intrusion prevention/detection for rogue clients and rogue access points could greatly enhance the resilience of connections. We can also implement a DNS-based content filtering solution with an EDR (endpoint detection and response) solution, multifactor authentication and AV solution on the edge of the firewall – this is harder to bypass than similar products for complete peace of mind.


Drawing on 25 years’ experience in strategic leadership and technology management, we provide expert, supportive consultation services to help you navigate the challenges the business faces. Frequent areas of consultancy requests include technology strategy, roadmaps, architecture, vendor/product selection, team structure, processes, transformation, mergers and acquisitions.

In-House Support

With our vast range of expertise, we can provide resources to cover interim roles with agreed deliverables and milestones, covering positions such as Head of Architecture, IT, Infrastructure, Networks, Cloud, or Service. We can also provide CISO, CIO and CTO functions as a service to augment in-house resources as required.

Partner Network Services

Through our partner network, we have access to security reviews, pen testing, outsourced managed firewalls as well as certificate management, certificate auditing and reporting. If you have additional requirements, contact a member of our team as many more needs can be met.

Let's get started

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