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WiFi solutions for Events, county shows and festivals

County shows and festivals are vibrant cultural events that bring communities together to celebrate local traditions, talents, and products. However, in this digital age, these events face unique challenges when it comes to integrating technology.

One of the key obstacles is ensuring reliable and widespread internet connectivity in rural areas where many county shows and festivals take place. Limited access to high speed internet hampers the implementation of digital solutions for ticketing, marketing, and event management.

The cost of implementing and maintaining advanced technological infrastructure can be prohibitive for smaller shows. Despite these challenges, event organisers are embracing technology to enhance the visitor experience, streamline operations, and reach a wider audience. By leveraging social media, mobile apps, and online platforms, county shows and festivals can overcome these hurdles and stay relevant in an increasingly connected world.

WiFi connectivity has become an essential component of county shows and festivals, offering numerous benefits to both organisers and attendees. With reliable WiFi, event organisers can implement digital solutions such as online ticketing, cashless payments, and real-time event updates, resulting in smoother operations and enhanced visitor experiences.

WiFi also enables interactive elements like live streaming, social media engagement, and photo sharing, fostering greater audience participation and extending the event’s reach beyond physical boundaries. Furthermore, WiFi connectivity facilitates communication and collaboration among vendors, exhibitors, and staff, leading to improved coordination and efficiency.

By providing WiFi at county shows and festivals, organisers can create a connected environment that harnesses the power of technology to deliver a memorable and engaging event for all.



We provide temporary connectivity where required and then distribute it around the location via a combination of radio links and outdoor cabling. We can deliver connectivity almost anywhere to ensure that your traders are able to take payments. We can also provide connectivity for public access as well.

Data capture

At Castra Solutions we hate the captive portals that collect customer data as we believe that they create a bad user experience. However, we do understand why some venues need or want to use them and we have a solution that minimises the impact to the customer experience.

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