Marina WiFi solutions

Welcome to marina WiFi solutions, where seamless connectivity meets coastal charm. Marinas need WiFi for a variety of reasons to enhance the experience of their guests.

Providing WiFi allows boat owners and visitors to stay connected while they are at the marina, enabling them to check weather updates, communicate with family and friends, and even work remotely if needed. It also allows marinas to offer additional services such as online reservations, digital payment options, and access to marina-specific information and events.

Overall, WiFi enhances convenience and connectivity for everyone enjoying the marina facilities.

WiFi connectivity in a marina can pose several challenges due to the unique environment and infrastructure present near bodies of water which can make it difficult to provide consistent WiFi coverage across the entire area.

Water is a known obstacle for WiFi signals. Weather conditions like rain, fog, and wind can further disrupt signal strength. Radar also causes a lot of interference.

Marinas can be busy hubs with many people simultaneously trying to access the internet. The high density of users can lead to network congestion and decreased reliability.

Providing secure and reliable WiFi in a marina setting can present challenges in terms of protecting user data, preventing unauthorised access, and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

Overcoming these challenges requires a comprehensive approach that includes strategic network design, the use of specialized equipment, regular maintenance and monitoring, and proactive security measures to ensure a seamless and secure WiFi experience for marina visitors and residents.

At Castra Solutions we recognise that each Marina is unique which is why we tailor our solutions to the specific requirements at your marina. 



We provide everything you need to keep your customers connected. We supply and manage your internet access, data cabling, all the network equipment including network security. Our WiFi solutions are optimised to provide the best customer experience possible within your budget and therefore deliver a great ROI. We specialise in these hybrid indoor, outdoor and challenging connectivity environments. We can deliver connectivity almost anywhere with the use of wireless point to point and point to multipoint links as well as running backhaul cables.


Telephony has moved on a lot in recent years. We can provide solutions to meet almost any requirement that you may have and it may be cheaper than you think.

Data capture

At Castra Solutions we hate the captive portals that collect customer data as we believe that they create a bad user experience. However, we do understand why some venues need or want to use them and we have a solution that minimises the impact to the customer experience.

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