Castra Solutions

We provide WiFi and other network equipment as well as design, build and installation services for a range of industries.

Together we can make technology work harder for your business

Our aim is to help your business choose the right technology to accomplish your objectives.

What we do

Why Castra Solutions?


Integrity and honesty drive our work – we would never recommend something we wouldn’t use ourselves and are passionate about continual improvement.

Diversity & Inclusivity

Castra Solutions is committed to growing a diverse and inclusive business, welcoming all those with a passion for technology in this competitive and fascinating industry.


Always requirements-led – designing the right solution for you, with you, to achieve your business objectives.


Experts with extensive industry experience – 25 years in the sector, 15 years designing solutions and advising leadership, 10 years working within UK critical national infrastructure.

What our clients say

"Martin is highly adaptable, encouraging, and supportive – an effective leader. Anyone who works with him can attest to his efficient and effective communication, creative thinking, professional business acumen and ethical conduct. A driven, ambitious individual with an infectious enthusiasm for any project. It is my pleasure to recommend him personally and professionally."
Chief Technology Officer/SVP Programme Director
former colleague
"Martin is a very experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate IT leader. I had the pleasure of working with him for almost three years and was consistently impressed by his ability to solve complex business challenges by driving successful transformation projects. A significant project involved the replacement and consolidation of critical national infrastructure whilst meeting Government cyber security criteria. He remained extremely professional throughout."
Account Manager for IT Infrastructure Solutions
former supplier
"Martin is a very experienced IT leader. His ability to take fledgling transformation ideas and make them a reality is second to none. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Martin over the last couple of years on various projects. His focus and attention to detail helped drive these projects through to completion, not only hitting each stated goal, but ensuring the quality of service remained consistently at the very highest level."
Account Management Team Leader
former client
"I had the pleasure of working with Martin on a major WiFi and network programme. Martin is consistent in his commitment to providing the best solutions for his company's clients. He works collaboratively and always explores opportunities for improvement in design and delivery. His technical knowledge goes without saying; his experience is significant."
Network Consultant
former client
"I worked with Martin on enterprise projects around WiFi reselling and integration. Without his assistance and guidance, I doubt we would have had success in this area. At every stage, he was an approachable, reliable and proactive professional. He has strong technical knowledge and skills and is well respected by his colleagues. He would be an asset to any company or team."
Consulting Engineer Specialist
former colleague

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