Make sure your café is a top ‘third space’ with reliable WiFi

31st March, 2022
2 minutes

The days of café owners frowning on those lingering over laptops is over. Remote workers have become a key revenue stream for cafes in our post-pandemic life – are you doing enough to attract them? That means providing great coffee and cakes, of course, but also dependable, strong and secure WiFi. Upgrade now to ensure you are a ‘third space’ of choice.

If you haven’t heard the term yet, you’ll soon be familiar. Many people aren’t returning to the office, but 66% struggle to work from home. Instead, they’re seeking out a third space, most often a café, to de-camp to with a laptop and are already feeling the benefits.

A team of researchers interviewed workers who frequent third spaces and found they were more productive and motivated. They enjoyed the opportunity to socialise and felt less isolated. The researchers advised businesses to make their venues welcoming for the workers – good WiFi being a key requirement – and so capitalise on this growing trend.

If your tight budget quivers at the thought of spending on a WiFi upgrade, consider the wider gains to your business. Modern systems are simple to install and use. They’re managed from a single platform for complete visibility over your network. They are also more reliable, saving you maintenance costs over time. You’ll be able to gather data on network performance and the users, introduce multiple levels of access and drive efficiency and productivity across the whole business.

For example, reliable WiFi could help you streamline your supply chain, automate processes, or introduce point-of-sale tech that delivers the ‘touch-free’ experience many customers prefer post-Covid. You could also use it to run an App for ordering, launch a loyalty scheme, or tempt customers to return with offers, like free refills and daily deals, direct to their smartphone.

Frankly, you’re missing a slice of the action if you aren’t a ‘work-friendly’ venue. Many news sites are listing the best cafes for workers – it’s a list you want to be on. Provide the reliable, strong WiFi workers need – and the welcome – and you will reap the rewards.

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Martin Bence
An accomplished, highly regarded Senior IT leader with over 25 years of experience who can communicate on both a business and technical level. Capable of taking complex requirements and turning them into solutions that add value by helping to achieve business goals.
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