hospitality WiFi

Nov 30, 2022

hospitality WiFi

As more and more people look for alternatives to working from home, pubs and cafes have begun to offer special packages to entice people to work from their venues. This trend, known as WFP (working from pub) or WFC (working from cafe), is becoming increasingly popular as hospitality venues offer a more relaxed and social setting for those who want to avoid the traditional office environment. However, many of these venues are not prepared for the increased demand on their hospitality WiFi networks. With multiple people taking audio and video calls, the hospitality WiFi networks can quickly become overloaded, causing slower speeds and connection problems.

To ensure a pleasant experience for their customers, it is essential that pubs and cafes invest in a reliable, high-speed hospitality WiFi network that can handle the increased traffic. By doing so, they can provide a much better experience for those who are looking for an alternative to working from home.

Many hospitality WiFi solutions are configured purely for data capture and this can impact the users experience as well.  So what if you want your hospitality WiFi to capture data and be able to provide a good user experience?  Castra Solutions can help with this and we have a few different ways of doing it.

Castra Solutions are experts in this field and can provide support and consultancy on existing solutions as well as offering great value upgrade options. To find out more please get in touch with a member of of team on 0300 124 5005 or email

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