Student Safeguarding

The task of running an educational institution is a complex and challenging one. Schools and colleges are required to go beyond providing education for those in their care.

Safeguarding students and supporting their mental and emotional wellbeing are becoming more crucial as mental health issues among young people continues to rise. 

Technology can complicate this – the rise of digital devices in the classroom and the increase in remote learning can be isolating for students. But technology can also be part of the solution. Castra Solutions can highly recommend the products of one of our partners, Securly, to help schools and colleges support their student body. 

Led by a team of educators, parents, and security veterans, Securly was launched as a unique school safety solution in 2013. Their cloud-based software is supported by robust UK-based technical and safeguarding support teams, combining the intelligence and rapid automation of AI with the instinct of humans to monitor students and keep them safe. Suicide prevention is a key aim; according to Securly data, over 1,500 lives have been saved across more than 15,000 schools using their software solutions.


If you’re experiencing any of the following challenges, we can help.


Securly offers a suite of software to help your school or college meet these challenges, maintain complex safeguarding regulations and, most importantly, support students who may be struggling with their mental health. The software can also help reduce anti-social behaviour and cyber bullying, as well as limiting access to inappropriate or harmful content online.


This web filter software provides visibility of the online activity of students and facilitates the use of age restrictions and blocks on specific, harmful content. Filter will seamlessly integrate into existing systems while a Cloud-based set-up removes the risk of network issues or software crashes. Email notifications on flagged content allow educators to be made aware when concerning material has been accessed, facilitating early intervention into mental health issues or incidents of cyberbullying.


This sophisticated AI engine is able to constantly scan student activity on devices, including reviewing documents and emails across platforms like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. Auditor will flag up potential harm indicators, including nudity, cyberbullying, suicidal thoughts or violence. By applying natural language-learning algorithms, the software can detect negative sentiments in text while the ‘ScreenScan’ function can quickly block inappropriate images that evade existing filters. Auditor provides a fast and comprehensive way to identify any students that may need support or intervention, while preventing students from accessing potentially harmful material online.


This is the gold standard when it comes to safeguarding students. 24 uses a combination of AI analytics with human instinct to monitor user activity round the clock – including outside school or college hours – and identify indications that a student is at risk. The AI-powered At-Risk tool monitors each students’ online activity and provides a self-harm risk rating. Those at high risk are monitored by the 24 Team, a UK-based group of trained analysts who will alert the college or school if any risks arise out of hours. Human intervention minimises false positives, while the team can provide the context of a students’ activity when reporting to help target the support required.

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Get in touch with one of our team to find out how to get access to one or all of these products for your education facility. We can support you every step of the way for a seamless installation. For more products from Securly, click here to read about their Classroom Management platform.