Wireless Survey – Maximizing Wireless Network Performance: Unleashing the Power of a Comprehensive Wireless Survey

May 15, 2023

Wireless Survey – Maximizing Wireless Network Performance: Unleashing the Power of a Comprehensive Wireless Survey

A wireless survey is conducted to assess and analyse the wireless network environment of a specific area or location. It involves gathering data and information about the existing wireless infrastructure, signal strength, coverage areas, interference sources, and other relevant factors. Here are some reasons why a wireless survey is necessary:

  • Coverage and Signal Strength Optimization: A wireless survey helps determine the optimal placement and configuration of wireless access points (APs) to ensure proper coverage and signal strength throughout the desired area. It helps identify dead zones, areas with weak signal strength, and potential sources of interference that may impact wireless performance.
  • Interference Identification and Mitigation: Wireless networks can be affected by various sources of interference, such as neighbouring wireless networks, microwave ovens, Bluetooth devices, or physical obstructions. A wireless survey helps identify these sources and suggests ways to mitigate their impact, such as channel selection or repositioning of equipment.
  • Capacity Planning: A survey provides insights into the number of devices, users, or applications that the wireless network needs to support. It helps determine if the existing infrastructure can handle the expected capacity and if additional access points or other upgrades are required.
  • Security Assessment: Wireless surveys can identify potential security vulnerabilities, such as unauthorized access points or weak encryption settings. By conducting a survey, network administrators can ensure that the wireless network is properly secured and follows best practices for data protection.
  • Performance Optimization: Analysing the wireless environment helps optimize network performance by identifying factors that may affect throughput, latency, or reliability. This information allows for adjustments to the network configuration, channel allocation, or other parameters to maximize performance.
  • Planning for New Deployments or Expansion: When deploying a new wireless network or expanding an existing one, a wireless survey is crucial. It helps in designing and planning the network infrastructure, including the placement of access points, antenna selection, cabling requirements, and power considerations.

Overall, a wireless survey helps ensure the efficient operation of a wireless network by providing valuable insights into its performance, coverage, and potential issues. It enables network administrators to make informed decisions, optimize network design, and troubleshoot problems, resulting in a more reliable and robust wireless network.



There are several different types of wireless surveys, each serving a specific purpose based on the requirements and objectives of the network deployment. Here are some common types of wireless surveys and when you might need them:

  • Pre-Deployment Site Survey: This survey is conducted before deploying a wireless network in a new location. It involves assessing the physical environment, identifying potential obstacles or sources of interference, and determining the optimal placement of access points (APs). Pre-deployment surveys ensure proper coverage, signal strength, and capacity planning.
  • Coverage and Signal Strength Survey: This survey focuses on assessing the coverage area and signal strength of an existing wireless network. It helps identify dead zones, areas with weak signal strength, or locations experiencing interference. A coverage survey is helpful when experiencing connectivity issues or planning to expand the network.
  • Spectrum Analysis Survey: Spectrum analysis surveys are conducted to identify and mitigate sources of wireless interference. This survey involves analysing the radio frequency spectrum for any unauthorized or interfering devices that may impact network performance. It helps in selecting optimal channels and configuring APs to avoid interference.
  • Post-Deployment Survey: After deploying a wireless network, a post-deployment survey is conducted to validate the network’s performance, coverage, and signal strength. It ensures that the network meets the intended objectives and helps identify any potential issues that require troubleshooting or adjustments.
  • Predictive Survey: A predictive survey is performed using specialized software to simulate the wireless network coverage and performance without physically visiting the location. It utilizes building floor plans, antenna specifications, and other relevant data to estimate coverage, AP placement, and signal propagation. Predictive surveys are useful for initial planning or assessing potential network expansions.
  • Active and Passive Surveys: Active surveys involve actively measuring the network’s performance by generating traffic and collecting data on signal strength, throughput, latency, and packet loss. Passive surveys, on the other hand, capture and analyse existing wireless traffic to assess network performance and detect potential issues.
  • Mobility Survey: Mobility surveys are conducted in environments where seamless roaming between access points is crucial, such as hospitals, warehouses, or large office spaces. These surveys analyse handoff and roaming capabilities, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity during user mobility.

The specific type of survey required depends on the goals and circumstances of the wireless network deployment. Conducting the appropriate survey helps optimize network performance, ensure coverage and signal quality, identify and mitigate interference, and meet the specific requirements of the wireless network environment.


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