Affordable Small Business WiFi & Cybersecurity

Nov 9, 2023

Affordable Small Business WiFi & Cybersecurity

Affordable Small Business WiFi & Cybersecurity Solution

Are you worried about cyber threats affecting your small non-technical business? Many businesses believe that cyber security is beyond their budget, but the truth is, protecting yourself against online threats doesn’t have to break the bank.

At Castra Solutions, we understand the challenges faced by small businesses in safeguarding their digital assets. We have dedicated ourselves to finding affordable solutions that offer robust protection against cybercrime. Our research has led us to a cost-effective device designed specifically for businesses like yours.

Our device offers comprehensive protection without the need for expensive subscriptions. With features like ransomware/malware prevention, intrusion blocker, dark web blocker, mail fraud and phishing prevention, ad blocking, VPN proxy blocking, firewall country restriction (GeoIP), and traffic management for applications and clients, your online security is in good hands.

Additionally, with a license, you can enjoy real-time threat intelligence and web filtering (DNS) services. This device, equipped with 4 wired ports and high-speed WiFi, eliminates the need for costly cabling in your office. You can effortlessly add wireless access points without the hassle of extensive wiring.

This small business WiFi and cybersecurity solution is perfect for businesses with 1-10 users working in a small office or for a sole trader working from home.

We understand that the cost factor is crucial for small businesses. Rest assured, our solution is not as expensive as you might imagine. Castra Solutions offers this comprehensive protection at a price that won’t strain your budget.

Don’t leave your business vulnerable to cyber threats. Take a proactive step towards ensuring your online security. If this solution piques your interest, we encourage you to get in touch with us. Discover how affordable and effective cyber security can be for your business.  If you would like to find out more before getting in touch then please have a look here

If you’re not sure why you need a firewall then don’t just take our word for it,  check out this article here 

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