The era of the home security camera: Deter burglars with Smart tech

Mar 21, 2022

The era of the home security camera: Deter burglars with Smart tech

If you were a burglar, you’d target the house without visible alarms and cameras, wouldn’t you? The police warn that a house that lacks basic security is five times more likely to be broken into. With over 800 UK homes being burgled daily – at an average cost of around £3,000 – investing in some protective tech is a no-brainer.

Around 40% of UK homes already have a security camera and it’s easy to see why. Equipment is becoming more intelligent and cheaper all the time, with a broad range of products available to suit all budget and needs. PoE (power over Ethernet – or cabled) cameras are a good starting point, but  with rising energy costs, why not consider a  solar or battery-powered, WiFi-enabled completely wirefree solution?

If a product operates on the WiFi, you can access it via a connected device. That means you can keep an eye on your home no matter how far away from it you might be. For those who get excited about features, you can really go to town with the newest products. Some CCTV cameras come with an optical zoom setting for getting closer to the action. Or how about a camera with a two-way audio system so you could tell your postman where to leave your delivery or ask trespassers to leave.

The cameras record and store footage – some can take SD cards and some need a device on the network to record the footage to. This provides the peace of mind that, if the burglars are brazen enough to break in regardless, you have the evidence that could make all the difference.

At Castra Solutions we’re passionate about WiFi and get a bit excited about connected security cameras to safeguard the home. We also understand the market and know where the best value equipment is to be found.

It’s hard to find a reason not to get a security camera, considering the cost of a break-in and how significantly the risk of a burglary reduces when you have one. Concerns about hackers accessing the cameras can easily be met by installing the correct and robust protective systems when setting up the device. Any member of the Castra Solutions team would be delighted to advise on which products match your needs, how best to secure them and even guide you through the installation. Why not give us a call or Contact us to find out more?

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