Stadium WiFi

Nov 29, 2022

Stadium WiFi

Have you ever been to a sports stadium and tried using the WiFi?  Stadium WiFi is often really poor.  Suppliers don’t take all of the requirements into account and the venues  have tight budgets and ask suppliers to cut corners.  The people visiting the venues suffer, the staff trying to use the WiFi suffer and the press / media teams often have to resort to using mobile connectivity to upload images and videos.

Stadium WiFi comes with lots of challenges.  Buildings that are spread out, very high roofline that is too far away from people at the side of the pitch, difficult or non-existent cable runs.  Very high density of users.  So how do you combat these challenges?  The easy answer is that you engage with a company that understands all of these and has solutions that can help to over come them.  Stadium WiFi is challenging and our team love challenges and always find ways to get around issues and deliver solutions that work.

Please click here for more information about a recent project where we helped a local Football club to overcome their challenges.

Castra Solutions has the experience, skills and products to deliver a Stadium WiFi solution that belongs in the Premier League.

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