Secure WiFi is critical for returning office workers | Castra Solutions

Apr 20, 2022

Secure WiFi is critical for returning office workers | Castra Solutions

With cybercrime on the rise, it’s more important than ever to make sure your office WiFi is secure.

I imagine you pay a lot of attention to the physical security of your office. Cameras, coded doors, access passes and security guards. But how much do you consider your digital security? And the security of your WiFi in particular?

If you haven’t already updated your WiFi to suit their expectations of working patterns then get in touch. If you’ve already done it then did you take the additional security requirements int consideration?

Monitoring and protecting your network needs to be a continuous, proactive activity. This includes patching and updating devices, reviewing levels of access and separating networks to reduce the chance of exploitation, and potentially mitigate the impact of any breach.  Regularly changing guest access passwords.  Using certificates as an additional method of securing corporate access.  Checking for similar SSID names in your surrounded area.

You may be thinkg “my company is only small, surely I’m not a target!” Sadly, every company is a target. And you don’t need to be an expert to take control of your network security – you just need to contact Castra Solutions.

We’re WiFi experts with decades of experience in this industry and are passionate about making sure your WiFi best serves your business. An important part of that is keeping it secure. We can review your current provision, suggest improvements within your budget and carry out any work that needs doing. Then we’ll test the new system, ensure you know how to manage it, and leave you feeling confident in your WiFi security moving forwards.  We can also manage it for you.

Don’t let WiFi security be a task that falls down the priority list. Cyber attacks won’t wait until you’re ready – and if you’re hit, the impact will be devastating.

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