Pixelated video calls and patch WiFi at home?

8th March, 2022
2 minutes

We expect a lot from our WiFi these days. The average UK home has 10 connected devices. If you’re living with multiple children, you might have 15-20 internet-enabled items fighting for space on the network. With the rise in Smart home devices this could increase to over 30.

As if that wasn’t demanding enough, we’re spending more time on the internet courtesy of the pandemic. We’re increasingly working from home and relying on the WiFi for everything from Zoom meetings with the boss to ordering groceries and streaming films, not to mention the kids remote learning when they catch Covid – or gaming when they think we aren’t looking.

WiFi has become as critical to daily life as any other utility, which makes it incredibly frustrating when it goes wrong. As a WiFi expert with over a decade of experience in the sector, I am inundated with friends and family who talk about their ‘rubbish’ connection and ask me for advice.

Many of the challenges you face with your home network can be easily fixed – don’t immediately jump to changing your provider. Often, WiFi issues are due to the wrong equipment or equipment that is incorrectly installed. Wireless extenders don’t always pull their weight, while the positioning of the router can make all the difference. Have you considered the thickness of walls and width of your plot? Have you checked the proximity of other electronic items to your router?  An expert review and refresh of your home network hardware and layout could identify the issues and transform the WiFi connectivity to keep the whole family happily – reliably – online.

Even more importantly, getting an expert to check your network will help you catch any security issues you may have overlooked. Too many people assume that the router’s firewall is adequately protecting the sensitive and personal data they have at home from others on the internet. People also assume the that equipment is secure straight out of the box. You, your family and your work from home business may be more vulnerable than you realise.

Castra Solutions can help to get it sorted. We’ve got the knowledge, expertise and a commitment to making WiFi work as hard as it can for you. We’re also committed to integrity: we would never recommend a product or piece of equipment that we wouldn’t want to use ourselves. We want your WiFi to be as good as ours is – we know how much it matters.

It’s time to end your WiFi woes once and for all. Contact us today and get ready to watch your stress levels plummet and your popularity in the household skyrocket.

Martin Bence
An accomplished, highly regarded Senior IT leader with over 25 years of experience who can communicate on both a business and technical level. Capable of taking complex requirements and turning them into solutions that add value by helping to achieve business goals.
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