Outdoor WiFi: nothing is impossible

11th April, 2022
2 minutes

‘Getting away from it all’ is increasingly attractive as life gets more hectic. If you run an outdoor venue – a golf course, camping site or mobile home park – you’re the ideal option for the visitor seeking a switch off. Just don’t make the mistake of assuming that means switching off from reliable WiFi.

Your customers will come for the peace and space, but they still expect connectivity. This is a major challenge for venues like yours. Your need a WiFi solution that can cover large areas and multiple structures, can withstand weather and wildlife while catering to a range of devices and fluctuating user density, but also be simple to manage because, frankly, you’re not a WiFi expert. The stakes are high too: get it wrong and your customers won’t come back.

There’s a simple solution. Hire a WiFi expert like Castra Solutions. Our team has decades of experience in the WiFi industry and can build a WiFi solution that is manageable, reliable and easy to oversee, regardless of the challenges. It’s about having the right access points in the right places, picking the wireless solutions that best suit you and considering all the potential issues to safeguard the system for the future.

We start by doing a thorough site assessment so we know what you need and what difficulties the area presents. We can then build a tailored package within your budget, incorporating the products on the market that we know will work best for your specific site. Then we’ll install them, review them, explain them to you and make sure you have the confidence to deliver the WiFi your customers expect.

It gets better. With your great WiFi from Castra Solutions and Cambium Networks installed, you can start using it to reap additional rewards. It can help you streamline your operations and increase efficiency and productivity on site. It can also support clever apps, offering touch-free registrations and check-in or loyalty schemes that will keep clients engaged beyond their visit – and tempt them back.

We choose Cambium Networks for our outdoor solutions because it can do things like this Everest WiFi 

Contact us today and find out what’s possible. Don’t disappoint the 2022 summer trade with second rate WiFi. Visitors want an escape, but not from connectivity.

Martin Bence
An accomplished, highly regarded Senior IT leader with over 25 years of experience who can communicate on both a business and technical level. Capable of taking complex requirements and turning them into solutions that add value by helping to achieve business goals.
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