Hospitality faces a growing cyber threat

Apr 11, 2022

Hospitality faces a growing cyber threat

If you run a hotel or hospitality venue, the cyber criminals are coming for you.

Pre-pandemic research showed that the hospitality industry was the third most targeted by cyberattacks, behind financial services and the retail sector. The landscape has evolved fast since then – and not for the better.

Criminals know that newly re-opened hotels are incorporating more technology in a bid to make guests feel ‘Covid-safe’. They also know that venues lack the expertise to secure these new digital solutions properly. Frankly, you’re easy pickings for the sophisticated cybercriminal.

Technology is of real benefit to a hotel or hospitality venue. At Castra Solutions, we work with lots of customers in these sectors who reap real rewards from innovative solutions such as touch-free check in services, in-room apps, or data-gathering loyalty schemes. But the security of these systems must be a priority.

We understand the challenges you face. Staff shortages, the loss of revenue from lockdowns and the limited on-site expertise in cyber security combine to leave vulnerabilities open to exploitation. Budgets may be tight but investing in your security posture is critical to avoid future, heavier costs. A data breach will damage your reputation, halt operational activity and require millions of pounds to remedy. Don’t risk it.

Castra Solutions can help. We’re experts in the WiFi industry and have access to the latest tech solutions with the highest levels of security. Together we can create a system that best serves your business without compromising your data. Contact us to find out more.

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