Improve your guest WiFi user experience

Nov 29, 2022

Improve your guest WiFi user experience

You arrive at the venue that is hosting an event and the mobile coverage is poor so you try and connect to the WiFi. You see several different SSID’s but you’re not sure which is the right one. you ask and double check the password but you still can’t connect, you try again a few times, it eventually lets you on but keeps dropping out as you move around the venue, you reconnect but its slow. You’re frustrated and give up. You go back again a few weeks later, you connected before so it should just reconnect right? It doesn’t work.

You’re not alone when it comes to WiFi connection hassles; many venues have inadequate mobile coverage and weak WiFi that can cause difficulty for visitors. You may think once you’ve connected successfully once, subsequent visits would be easier – but even then your connection can drop out with no warning or become painfully slow.

At such times, simply rebooting your device is often not enough as issues caused by weak WiFi signals or poorly configured WiFi, cannot be solved this way. Some suppliers don’t know how to configure WiFi properly and they sell low cost solutions that are not fit for the requirements of the venue.

Does this sound familiar?  Is your venue suffering these issues?

We understand how frustrating such issues can be and we are here to help you troubleshoot them. Our team of experts have extensive knowledge about Wi-Fi networks, so if you run a venue with WiFi like this then please don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance whenever needed. With the right support, your customers will be able to enjoy a seamless connection experience at your venue or events that you host there.

Our goal is to provide a reliable WiFi connection that visitors can rely on when they come to an event or venue – let us help you make that happen!

Castra Solutions can provide a cost effective solutions that improve user experience, simplifies connectivity and just works. We offer a range of solutions to meet almost any requirement.  We love to be challenged too so if you think WiFi in your venue is difficult or impossible then let us show you what we can do.

​We understand how important it is for your venue to have reliable connectivity; let us make sure that everyone has great network experience when they visit your event or venue!

Our team are on hand to provide support and advice.  Let’s ensure that your guests always have a smooth connection when they come to your venue. With the help of Castra Solutions, you can enjoy a more reliable and secure connection experience for any event or venue. Make sure your guests always have an excellent Wi-Fi connection by getting in touch today! Get started on making sure your venue has the best connection possible with Castra Solutions!

To find out more or to start improving your customer experience and WiFi user journeys then please click here to contact us or call us on 0300 124 5005

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for considering our services!


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