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Martin Bence


Martin is an accomplished, highly regarded senior IT leader with over 25 years’ experience in the industry. He is proficient in both strategic management and technical details. His various roles have included over two years as Head of Infrastructure, Networks & Architecture at Virgin WiFi and almost three years as Head of Infrastructure & Architecture at Nominet, leading a full technology transformation programme for a company running critical national infrastructure.

His professional career has seen Martin handle several merger and acquisitions and technology transformations, while creating and leading high performing teams or transforming underperforming teams.

He has extensive experience in translating complex requirements into valuable IT solutions to drive business goals and satisfy multiple stakeholders. He also feels passionate about the role technology can play in positive transformation, for businesses and wider society.

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Examples of Castra Solutions in action

Design and Installation

The failover between sites was not working for a financial consultancy via a cyber security partner; the solution was investigated and redesigned, with a pair of SSG140 firewalls upgraded and replaced with SRX.​

IT Management Upgrades

Upgraded a warehouse management system for a large international company, working alongside the incumbent supplier to design a fit-for-purpose solution and monitor installation. This included a Wi-Fi refresh to support with the achievement of strategic goals.

In-House Support

Supporting a big brand name in the footwear industry through a restructuring process to facilitate long-term business expansion by increasing the efficiency of the IT function. This included adding processes for disaster recovery and robust plans for business continuity, as well as preparing for a migration to Azure, re-designing the general infrastructure and investigating options for a centralised monitoring solution.

General Strategic Consulting

Guided a start-up through the development of their technology stack, collaborating on product creation and the subsequent journey to market.

Architecture & Security Review

An Oxford based pharmaceuticals company experienced a breach in their email security. Their third-party service provider required an expert assessment of existing architecture and recommended improvements for enhanced resilience.

Specific Issue Consulting

Managed issues with Meraki Wi-Fi deployments of a US-based company, providing guidance on the cause, solutions for an immediate fix, then long-term best practice advice to avoid future issues.

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