WiFi Assurance

Reliable, robust WiFi is the life blood of all businesses today. Whether you deliver education or healthcare, run a manufacturing plant or a high-end hotel, you rely on your WiFi to operate. More importantly, your clients, staff, customers and reputation depend on it.

But technology is fallible. What’s the solution? WiFi Assurance. 

It’s the 24/7 wireless performance monitoring and support you need to keep your network reliable. It’s a focus on the end users. It’s catching issues before they impact your people and processes. It’s peace of mind. 


What can go wrong with my WiFi?

Benefits of WiFi Assurance

Best-in-class Solution

Castra Solutions can provide complete WiFi Assurance with a market-leading Wireless End User Monitoring system via our partnership with 7SIGNAL. This is a cloud-based wireless experience monitoring platform that continually tests your WiFi at the edges of the network – at device performance level – to provide complete visibility of your WiFi service. The platform identifies and helps to troubleshoot issues rapidly, allowing for a swift resolution and ensure stronger connections for all mission-critical users.

7SIGNAL has two patented products to capture wireless performance data from your network, outside-in and inside-out, for complete coverage

This is a SaaS application for user devices that monitors the WiFi performance on the network for each device connecting remotely, from outside the organisation. It’s compatible with commonly used operating systems and is discreet to minimise impact on productivity.

This is a WiFi application installed on site to monitor and analyse wireless network quality through the cloud. It is fully compatible with all Access point vendors and network providers to seamlessly integrate with existing systems.

The data gathered on the performance of your WiFi network feeds into the 7SIGNAL platform for complete visibility of performance. Network performance data is analysed and shared with you regularly – weekly or monthly. This empowers you to identify and remedy any issues rapidly and empowers you with complete visibility of the wireless experience for all devices. 

It’s the assurance you need that your WiFi is delivering on its promise for end users and optimising your business operations for maximum productivity and reputational success.

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