Large, complex warehouses packed with moving parts require top-quality WiFi to shave off those productivity inefficiencies and remain competitive in a demanding marketplace.


If you’re experiencing any of the following challenges in a warehouse setting, we can help.

Reap the rewards of good WiFi for warehouses


We can offer a choice of managed service options that unlock the power of reliable, seamless connectivity for your warehouse, unlocking greater heights of productivity and efficiency to ensure you remain competitive in the marketplace. Following a thorough survey, WiFi solutions will ensure multiple devices can be constantly and consistently connected regardless of their variety and the rapid motion within the warehouse.

By installing hardware with capacity for fluctuation and multiple access points, you can expect wide, strong network coverage. With a reliable, secure and easily managed system, warehouse managers can unlock real-time data to better handle operational issues and maintain efficiency, meeting high customer expectations and demand.

This cloud-managed, plug-and-play system is ideal for delivering the required coverage for a warehouse courtesy of multiple antenna options to ensure a large, varied space can be delivered a reliable, stable network connectivity. With high temperature access points to manage extremes of climate control and a streamlined interface for speedy access to data and real-time network activity, solutions are ideal for allowing fast-moving warehouses keen to unlock the efficiency and productivity of automating and tracking operations.

With a product tailored to meet the challenges of the warehouse environment, this solution can offer long-range, industrial-strength coverage to handle multiple obstacles and moving parts. Indoor and outdoor access points receive stable coverage to connect the whole network seamlessly, while a single interface eases the process of accessing real-time data to drive efficient operational decisions. Security is guaranteed at the highest level, while the solution is easy to deploy and manage for a busy staff team.

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