Secure your Premises

The Police warn that premises without basic security are five times more likely to be broken into. A visible alarm or security camera often sends the would-be burglar away.

Is your house or small business premises adequately protected? As CCTV cameras get cheaper and more intelligent, it’s worth investing now to avoid the potential average break in cost of £3,000




Castra Solutions highly recommends Reolink products to secure residential and small business properties. Reolink has been devoted itself to providing diverse and smart options for your home security. It has PoE cameras, 100% wire-free cameras powered by a rechargeable battery or solar panel, 4G LTE or 2.4/5GHz dual-band WiFi, and also the security camera system with NVR for 24/7 continuous protection. Reolink keeps expanding its lineup with outdoor and indoor cameras featuring dual lenses, 4K and even 12MP UHD resolution, colour night vision, person/vehicle detection, pan tilt and zoom (PTZ) , two-way audio, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integration, etc. 

Castra Solutions uses Reolink to help make your home security easy, convenient and reliable. With the Reolink App, you can stay connected to your home from anywhere at any time, receiving instant alerts, checking what’s happening, talking back to your visitors, all with only a few taps. For your smart and secure home, Reolink is always prepared.

Reap the rewards

Don’t let concerns over the security and privacy of device footage put you off. These Reolink products are easy to set up and allow for robust privacy protections to keep your system as secure as your home. Then reap the rewards!

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