From small independent shop to larger branded venues, WiFi solutions for retail and SMBs transform the customer experience, unlock data and streamline operational processes for maximum gain.


If you’re experiencing any of the following challenges in a retail setting, we can help.

Reap the rewards of good WiFi for retail


We can offer a choice of managed service options that unlock the power of reliable, seamless connectivity for your retail business. Not only will this help you meet today’s high customer expectations, IT and WiFi solutions will also allow you to streamline operational processes and supplier engagement channels.

You can unlock the power of data insights into customer behaviour to deliver a holistic customer experience beyond the store or track marketing campaigns. By installing hardware with capacity for fluctuation and multiple access points, you can expect wide, strong network coverage, with solutions including a reliable, stable and easy-to-manage system for those with limited IT expertise.

This partner has WiFi products designed specifically for SMBs and retail businesses, offering high-density capability and complete WiFi coverage at an affordable price point. The WiFi is Cloud-managed, with an easy-to-use single point of access and an ability to separate business and customer traffic to streamline operations. Their products are secure and reliable, allowing retail businesses to gain from access to network analytics and innovating supplier engagement.

With solutions designed for the retail environment, Ruckus Cloud WiFi reliably delivers the premium, seamless WiFi connectivity that customers expect while allowing the business to optimise on their customer engagement via network analytics. The secure system also offers peace of mind when moving business operations onto the network, which in turn eases administrative processes and streamlines relationships with suppliers. The system is simple, agile and easy to manage; ideal for SMBs, where staff IT expertise may be limited.

This WiFi solution is a good option for businesses interested in a merkai-style solution. It’s a complete package that encompasses a secure WAN backbone and AI-driven wired and wireless access to help retail businesses streamline their operations and meet customer connectivity expectations. The AI capabilities proactively identify issues to help IT staff quickly remediate, minimising costs and ensuring reliability of network coverage and operational processes.

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