In these digital times, businesses can’t afford to not unlock the competitive advantages of smart, reliable networks, underpinned by robust and innovative WiFi solutions.


If you’re experiencing any of the following challenges in an enterprise environment, we can help.

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We can offer a choice of managed service options to help enterprises of all sizes unlock the power and value of reliable, seamless connectivity. These smart, tailored WiFi products can help boost collaboration and productivity among staff and streamline operational processes, while allowing the opportunity for future expansion.

Legacy infrastructure is likely complex and clunky; a new, innovative yet simple-to-use WiFi network will enhance business operations, increase mobility and better meet the needs of clients or customers.

The available WiFi solutions are designed to meet the challenges of an enterprise environment and offer the required flexibility, simplicity and automation, as well as secure and broad coverage to unlock higher levels of collaboration and efficiency across the business. The system is cloud-managed and delivers high-density and high-capacity network coverage, with options to increase the functionality as required – for example, create guest portals or extend into location-based services.

This solution is designed to meet the needs of enterprise, offering the coverage and power required with a simple-to-use system and easy deployment. The network can easily be expanded, allowing for business growth, and additional functionality can be added as required. With good network coverage across both internal and external premises, and quick, clear access to analytics and operational data, this WiFi option is an affordable way to transform enterprise connectivity.

This solution would appeal to those interested in a merkai-style solution with AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning capabilities added in – it’s a great addition to an existing Juniper switching estate. The AI-automation of this WiFi solution makes it easy troubleshoot user and device issues, as well as helping to streamline operations and so improve efficiency. The AI capabilities come in addition to the standard quality deliverables of broad, reliable and stable network coverage to meet the demands of a growing enterprise and so provides a good option for those keen to use innovative technology to build their business.

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