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Securing your premises is one of the fundamentals of running a successful organisation or business. The cost of not doing so can be crippling.

With security cameras and access monitoring systems getting cheaper and more powerful all the time, it’s an oversight not to invest in securing your physical spaces as thoroughly as your digital assets. 

Whether you run a school, university or hospital; whether you operate a car park, restaurant or manufacturing plant, installing cameras to monitor and track access is a crucial step to keep your people, processes and livelihood safe.




Castra Solutions highly recommends Verkada for the enterprise and large-scale organisation sector. This market-leading company has designed a hybrid cloud solution that delivers security at scale, with the operability-ease of a consumer-focused security solution. That means seamless adoption, easy scalability and maximum benefit for your business or organisation.

Reap the rewards

Don’t be dissuaded by any concerns over network and footage privacy. Verkada products are secure by design. Robust security measures are easily installed to keep your data private and protect your clients and customers. Then reap the rewards! 

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