In a post-Covid age, seamless connectivity in the educational setting has become critical. WiFi in schools is non-negotiable – but must be reliable, secure and able to cope with a heavy load. Can yours?


If you’re experiencing any of the following challenges in an education setting, we can help.

Reap the rewards of good WiFi for schools and higher education


We can offer a number of managed solutions to meet all the challenges faced in the education setting; secure WiFi has become non-negotiable in schools, colleges and universities.

That means hardware that is designed for density, solutions that deliver even in AP failure and WiFi that ‘just works’, with a single centralised management system to allow for complete visibility and access to actional analytics.

This vendor has bespoke options designed for education customers that deliver affordable, reliable WiFi services, supporting a high volume of users while delivery privacy of the highest standard. With Cloud-based, on-premise management platforms, it’s easy for the administrator to monitor the network remotely as well as add new users to the network. These systems can meet the needs of the high density and high-capacity environment you’re working in – and provide access to intelligence to understand the behaviours and usage of your systems.

This vendor has products designed to deliver reliable WiFi for schools, offering robust and cost-effective wireless network infrastructure that can cover large areas. Coverage can easily be extended into outdoor settings without the need to lay cables and the network can be managed from a single point to allow insight into the whole system. They can also offer simple deployment and management – ideal for time-poor education environments – and it’s easy to add new users and devices to the system.

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